Objective of establishment


The Single Pair Ethernet Consortium (hereinafter referred to as "SPEC") has been working to establish specifications for Single Pair Ethernet and DC power supply systems consisting of devices, cables, connectors, etc. based on IEEE and ISO/IEC standards. And each system can be used safely and reliably with the same performance.

In addition, the SPE & DC power supply system will reduce the amount of each resource, save energy, and link with various power supply systems, aiming for a sustainable world as a smart system.

About Smart-X, the goal of Single Pair Ethernet


1)Smart City&Town

Railroads, Roads and all Public Infrastructures , Outdoor plants & Public facilities

2)Smart Building & Farm

Offices, Stores, Factories, Schools, hospitals, Farm

3)Smart Home & Residence

Maintaining lifelines during power outages + DC-ECO (ZEH) housing&Residence


  • ・Security Systems
  • ・Medical and life support systems
  • ・Robots and power control systems
  • ・Hobby and leisure equipment
  • ・Power generator and Batteries for ECO & Safety system

Overview of the Consortium


  • ・Formulation of SPE system specifications
  • ・Interconnection specifications and implementation of verification
  • ・Promotion activities (website, various events)